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Dr. Tomatis, a French ORL specialist (Ear – Nose – Throat), pioneered a multi-disciplinary science called Audio-Psycho-Phonology (APP) over 50 years ago. The aim of this science became his research about the relationship between human hearing, psyche, human voice and other body functions.

In his physician practice he worked with opera singers and he observed that hearing defects are always accompanied by some vocal deficiencies. Tomatis ascertained experimentally that the frequencies are not perceived by the ear correctly and they are absent from the vocal speech of the patient. These disorders of hearing could result from a wide spectrum such as a difficult pregnancy or birth, early childhood colds and illnesses, accidents, long term exposition to loud sounds, emotional trauma, or other experiences of life that result changes in hearing of sounds.

Alfred Tomatis came up with his theory at the Sorbonne in 1957. Later, it became known as “The Tomatis Effect”. The Tomatis Effect is summarized in three Tomatis laws:

  1. The voice only contains what the ear can hear.
  2. If we improve the ability of right hearing by sound stimulation, the voice is immediately and unconsciously modified.
  3. It is possible to durably transform phonation when auditive stimulation is maintained over a certain time (the law of duration or remanence).

Dr. Tomatis discovered that listening problems are the root cause of many learning difficulties. Ultimately, Tomatis developed a highly effective technique to remedy learning concerns called the Tomatis Method, and the unique electronic device – “The Electronic Ear” which is used for stimulating ears and afterwards for improving listening.


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