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The Tomatis Method

The TOMATIS Method® is based on long-time research its founder, Dr. Alfred A. Tomatis. It is a unique technique of sound sensory stimulation, which combines the positives of various kinds of music, mainly the classical music, with high-developed electronic device, the “Electronic Ear”.

The aim of this method is to change the way of listening followed by improvement in:

The sound sensory stimulation is provided by the listening program. In basic form the listening program consists of three consecutive sections. The content of the program is individually designed for every client according to his difficulties and according to results of listening test. During the program it can be redesigned according the response of organism, so the program has the best effect.

Changes are mostly presented through:

After many years of worldwide using of this method further positive influences were observed in these areas:

You can read more detailed information about areas of application here.

We distinguish two types of listening programs: Development Listening Program and Therapeutic Listening Program. By the first one there is a possibility to use special mobile device SOLISTEN®, which is the best choice for very busy clients, for example businessmen, managers or sportsmen. Therapeutic Listening Programs are usually held in our listening center under the supervision of our professionals.

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