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Autism,developmental disorders of speech, hyperactivity

Thierry Gaujarengues
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About the Listening Program

The Listening Program TOMATIS consists of three parts:

1. Diagnosis

Before the Listening Program there are few steps which help to establish:

This part concerns:

2. The Listening Program

The Listening Program consists of 60 listening hours and is divided into 3 cycles. The first part is meant as the base for other following cycles. It is intensive and in terms of time very concentrated stimulation, so it is optimal to use three following weeks (5 days + 5 days + 5 days).
After the break which is 4-6 weeks follows second cycle. The second cycle concerns 15 listening hours which should be concentrated in 8 following days.
The last part of basic Listening Program, the third cycle, begins after 4-6 weeks of break and has the same course as the second cycle.
The break is necessary for integration of changes caused by the stimulation.

Between the cycles we make a set of control Listening Tests. So we can notice all actual changes and trends of the progress. The Listening Program can be modified if needed.

3. Evaluation

Before the finishing of the Listening Program we complete and evaluate all documentation. We present the comparison of initial and final information to the client. The following step is the final assessment of the success rate of the Listening Program from both sides – the client`s and the certified consultant`s. Then we suggest the next step – the successful finishing or continuing with another cycle (in case of Therapeutic Listening Program).

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