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Dr. Alfred A. Tomatis was born on 1st January 1920 and deceased on 25th December 2001 in Carcassonne.

Alfred Tomatis grew up in an artistic family. His father, Humbert Tomatis, was an opera singer at the Opéra de Paris, and Alfred spent much of his childhood traveling with him and watching his opera performances from the wings.

Alfred A. Tomatis studied medicine at the Paris School of Medicine and eventually became an Ear, Nose and Throat physician (ORL – otorhinolaryngology).

But the world of opera stayed familiar for him. These two  life phases, first familial then medical, were to have a considerable influence in the direction taken by Alfred Tomatis's career, as he very soon came to develop an avid interest in the relationship between human listening and the voice.

Soon after he began his practice, his father began referring him opera colleagues with vocal problems. Tomatis soon discovered traditional treatments inadequate but also that there was very little research on the voice itself. After longstanding researches he formulated the theory that many vocal problems were really problems with the correct hearing. His theory that "the voice does not produce what the ear does not hear," is the hallmark of his research and his method.

Dr. Tomatis developed the unique electronic device which he called “Electronic Ear” and began to help to his patients. The aim of this device is to stimulate and “train” ears by the sound stimulation to force them to listen more effectively. The result is the positive transition of the voice and phonation.

Tomatis was above all a peerless clinician gifted with exceptional intuition. He is an author of fourteen books and over two thousand articles. Only some fragments have been translated to Czech language, but there exist translations into English, such as his publication "Ear and Language" and "The Conscious Ear."

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