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Autism,developmental disorders of speech, hyperactivity

Thierry Gaujarengues
President of company TDSA

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Foreign langugages

The principle of acoustic stimulation TOMATIS® increases the ability of active listening not only in the frequency range of the native language, but also in other frequencies. It is known that for some nations it is easier to learn foreign languages then for other nations. For example Netherlanders have talent for languages generally. On the other hand the French or most of Asian nations have problem with accent in foreign languages. Languages and languages families have their own “frequency band” for communication which differs from each other. Broader “frequency band” includes the narrow ones, so people speaking this “broader frequency band language” have better disposition for acquisition of the frequency range of the foreign language. We say, they have “ears for languages”.

The Listening Program TOMATIS® is worldwide well known for its effect by learning of foreign languages – it helps our ears to perceive surrounding frequencies better, resulting in faster processing and understanding of words and consequently in right pronouncing. The memory is also supported.

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