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Autism,developmental disorders of speech, hyperactivity

Thierry Gaujarengues
President of company TDSA

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In his long-term researches Dr. Tomatis verified the assumption that the sound stimulation has positive response in our brain. Mozart’s compositions and also Gregorian chorales have energizing and revitalizing effect. The atypical rhythm and structure of chorales have strong stimulating effect, although externally they look very calm and relaxing. Chorales sung by men are rich in high harmonic frequencies which are the most energizing for our brain according to Dr. Tomatis.

The vitality and brain activity increases after sound stimulation with The Listening Program TOMATIS® in general resulting by clients without chronic difficulties in optimism, joy, desire to work, to new challenges, in the ability to overcome obstacles and finally in smiling. Clients with melancholia or depressions, or seniors have to count with longer program.

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