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Autism,developmental disorders of speech, hyperactivity

Thierry Gaujarengues
President of company TDSA

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In the inner ear, there is also placed the organ of balance, vestibule and semicircular canals. This organs’ role is to inform the brain about the position and movements of our body and about the speed of changes. This fact explains the connection between coordination (and balance) and the listening program. The listening program stimulates ears and our brain and in some cases very surprisingly improves the coordination of our movements and the sensomotor activity in general.

Adults benefit from the Tomatis Method® in strengthening or stabilization of coordination stereotypes, useful for example as rehabilitation supplement after injure or surgery of locomotor system. Also for active sportsmen is the listening program very helpful – football player, hockey player, tennis player, golfer etc.  – they all need to coordinate their movements very well.

The listening program helps children to strengthen the visual-motor coordination. It is a very effective educational support resulting not only in school success. Besides it helps children with developmental delay of movement functions.

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