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Autism,developmental disorders of speech, hyperactivity

Thierry Gaujarengues
President of company TDSA

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Concentration and attention

During the application of Tomatis Method® is was proved that the music, especially Mozart, together with the high developed technology of changing accentuated low and high frequencies has very positive effect on increasing of concentration, both by children and adults.

Especially sportsmen know how important the focusing on the goal is. Balanced and calmed psyche is often determinant for the winner. For example golfers, tennis players, archers, but also many other sportsmen, have to concentrate their attention into one point, one moment. The listening program helps by re-establishing (after injure) or developing of this ability.

The Listening Program TOMATIS® helps especially children with ADHD or any other form of hyperactivity. Before the beginning of the listening program, parents often have problems to calm their children, they are running, jumping, shouting. During the program, sometimes very soon, other times later, the child progressively calms down and begins to make things which it couldn’t do before, because there was concentration needed. We often notice great progresses – children are painting, making collages or put puzzle together.

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